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Drive Icon Changer  v.1.0.5

Drive Icon Changer 1.0.5 is a tool carrying out altering the default icons for individual drives. It designs custom icons for hard drives, removable drives, and network drives. Features include support for both dynamic link libraries (.dll) and

Windows Tweaker XP Vista to change registry settings  v.9.0

Do you want to tweak some of your Windows XP settings (or Windows Vista) to do cool extra things? If so, then this Windows tweaker is for you! Try out the evaluation for free tweaking software now! With it, you can: Restrict access to ALL drives or

HDHide -- Hide Drives Hide  v.3.05

HDHide can be use to hide or unhide drive letters A: - Z: on any computer using Windows 9X/NT operating systems - whether they are actual physical drives on a local machine or logical drives (partitions, server volume, mapped drives, etc.).

Affordable Health Individual Insurance  v.1.0

Affordable Health Individual Insurance Program for Windows Operating Systems. Get Instant Free Health Insurance Quotes from Major Companies. Compare and Save Today! You could be over paying or under Insured. Find out today. Let's Face It, Health

Ive Drives for Mac OS  v.1.0

Apple fans are in for a treat with this weeks freeware release from Louie Mantia. Inspired by the industrial design of Apples hardware maven, Jonathan Ive, Louie has gone all out to create Ive Drives. This massive set of 40 desktop drive icons

USB Flash Drives Control  v.2.3

What's new in version 2.3 a?s Updated the setup program. a?s Improved interface with easily understandable icons in the system tray. a?s Show detailed informations for the connected USB flash drives, like the drive letter, drive name, volume name,

Hide Server Drives  v.1.0

This tool enables the Terminal Services (TSE) or Citrix administrator to hide the server disk drives when users open a remote session. Hide Server Drives program does more than just hiding the TS server drives! It also hides all of the root folders

Recognize Large Drives  v.1.0

Recognize Larger Drives

Windows PC Computer Basics - Hard Drives  v.1.0

Windows PC Lesson on Hard Drives & Their Size - What is a hard drive and more: Easy video computer lesson on understanding what a hard drive is and what it does, plus why the size always seems to be smaller than what it says on the box

Drives  v.1.04

This utility runs in the system tray, and displays a list of all current drives. You can then navigate to a drive with a click of a mouse

Ive Drives  v.1.0

Apple fans are in for a treat with this week"s freeware release from Louie Mantia. Inspired by the industrial design of Apple"s hardware maven, Jonathan Ive, Louie has gone all out to create Ive Drives. This massive set of 40 desktop drive icons

My Drives  v.1.4

My Drives customize look of disk drives in windows explorer by replacing drives icons, setting labels and hiding drives. What is new in version 1.4 -added: "save", "load", "reload" icons options for hard drives that have set labels -added: "refresh"

Virtual Drives Manager  v.1.0

Virtual Drives Manager 1.0 is appreciated to be an outstanding, easy to use utility which

PGP Individual UID Signer  v.2.0.9

PGP Individual UID Signer makes signing all the UIDs on all of the keys at a PGP Keysigning party much simpler. It prompts for verification fingerprints, and then signs each UID on each key separately and PGP/Mime encrypt-emails them to their

Some More Individual  v.6

Some More Individual - Yes! A couple of projects around Semantic Web technologies to help to establish a better accessible Web and personalize this

AbiWord for Thumb Drives  v.1.0

AbiWord for Thumb Drives is no longer under active development. AbiWord Portable provides an up-to-date version of AbiWord for Thumb Drives -

Rolemaster Individual Monster Sheet  v.rc

Rolemaster Individual Monster Sheet -- Java program that varies Rolemaster monsters according to the Creatures & Treasures (or Creatures & Monsters) source books.

Real Time Drives Scouter  v.

A simple program to monitor drives changes. When a usb/lan/cd or any other device is connected to the PC, this program immediatly monitors its status.It also has the feature to auto start an application from any device.

DAT Reader for audio-capable DDS drives  v.1.0

datreader is a digital audio tape reader for Linux, working with audio-capable DDS tape drives, based on the works of read_dat and wdat, all adapted for the SCSI general driver V3.

World of Aqua Tiger Drives  v.1.0

Hard drive icons for the Tiger OS.

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